Remembrance Competitions – Autumn 2020

In November 2019, we helped mark Remembrance Sunday with a community art project, creating a horse blanket which was displayed on the armature of Songster, Loughborough’s own war horse during the open-air commemoration held in Queen’s Park.

In the weeks leading up to the event, members of the public from Loughborough and beyond sent us homemade purple poppies to cover the blanket, and it looked beautiful in the autumn sunshine, draped over Songster’s back.

Sadly, circumstances mean there won’t be a public remembrance service in Queen’s Park this year, with Charnwood Borough Council asking people to mark the event at home instead.

So Charnwood Creatives has decided to mark Remembrance Day – and the role Songster’s armature would have played in it – with a number of competitions which encourage people to think about ‘remembrance’ and what it means to them.

There are three different competitions – all free-to-enter – and each with a number of categories, to encourage people of all ages to be creative. It is possible to enter more than one competition.

They are:

a Remembrance Art competition
a Remembrance Photography competition, and
a Remembrance Writing competition.

We’re asking for art work, photography and pieces of writing on any of the themes which feature in the story of Songster – Loughborough’s Own War Horse.’ 

These include (amongst others)
determination and
The theme of remembrance could also be used. 

Entries DO NOT have to be about Songster, but should be personal responses to the themes in his story.

The closing date for each competition is Friday 13th November. See the links below for information on each.

Songster – Sunday 10th November 2019. Photo by Alison Mott

Click here for information on the art competition.
Click here for information on the photography competition.
Click here for information on the writing competition

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