Read Aloud Your Writing workshop #1

Our first ‘Read Aloud Your Writing’ workshop was wonderful, with poet and author Deborah Tyler Bennett sharing wisdom gained over an extensive career performing at events, festivals, and heritage and arts venues across the UK.


Not everyone who came to the workshop intends reading to an audience.  Some just wanted to gain skills and confidence in sharing their writing with family, friends and in writing classes.

Everyone overcame their nerves, though, and had a go ‘at the front’ reading to the rest of us.  Deborah’s feedback on what each had done well and what could be tweaked a little was priceless. So much so that one novice-performer decided it had given her courage to go and perform at a forthcoming open mic gig.

Here are some of the things people had to say about the workshop:

‘I enjoyed it a lot – it was fantastic!’

‘Enjoyable and thought-provoking.’

‘It really helped me think about what/who I’m reading to, why I want the poem to be valued. So many tips!’

‘A thorough exploration of possibilities.’

‘Coming today has made a huge difference to my confidence.’

Our second workshop on May 11th will cover new but similar themes and participants won’t need to have attended the first workshop to gain something from it.

Contact me if you’d like to come along!


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