The Journey

LinkedIn tells me that this month (Jan 2019) marks the sixth anniversary of Charnwood Creatives Ltd being registered as a Social Enterprise with Companies House.

Frankly, I was shocked to see that number.  Six years?  How can that be?  The time has simply flown by.

It’s been an interesting journey to this point, with lots of new skills learned, creative practices tested out, friendships established in groups that we’ve worked with and plans made for things we’d like to do in the future.  There are still rough edges to smooth out – accessing funding to work with those who can’t fund themselves, for instance – but we’re confident we’ll be able to do this.

But our purpose is as strong as ever.  To foster a sense of creativity in everyone that we meet, however great or small their experience of art activities, and to strengthen the feeling of community in the area in which we live.

Here’s to the next six years!

Alison Mott, Director

charnwood creatives website final amended version


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