The Informals writing group

The Informals were a bunch of people interested in writing who met every Thursday afternoon at Loughborough Library from Spring 2013 to early 2018.

The sessions were free and informal – hence the name – with members dropping by when they were able and missing a week here and there when something else cropped up.

Mostly, the sessions were a chance to chat and build connections between people who had never met before, to share what we each enjoyed about writing and to stimulate ideas with a creative exercise or two.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and at times, our  chatter and laughter were louder than is really acceptable in a library!

We each took turns contributing starting points for a piece of writing: sometimes a favourite poem, sometimes a line of text from the nearest book to hand, sometimes writing prompts found on the internet and sometimes simply a random phrase that  passed through someone’s head or had been part of the the groups’ coffee-time discussions.

During the five years the group met we produced three anthologies of our work and held several readings and exhibitions of writing in the Library, to mark literary events such as World Poetry Day.

Click the links below to buy our anthologies on Amazon.  The proceeds from these sales support writing activities in the local community.

Christmas Words

Words of Spring

Informal Words

informals june 2016 5
Some of The Informals at our poetry reading at Loughborough Library in June 2016




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